Zhoodz® is the original fashion reflective clothing company in the UK and we are the first to launch this kind of product onto the streets. Beware though, there will be copies, but they won’t be Zhoodz®.

Everyone who uses the roads are vulnerable from cars, buses and lorries… not just at night, but during the day as well. Children more than ever, so it is essential our products get people seen. These come in four enhanced visibility colours available as hoods, t-shirts and sweatshirts. With the added reflective designs we create, this not only makes the garment more attractive to wear, but also doubles up as a high visibility piece of clothing for night time – fashion with function.

It’s a case of in the daytime “Now you see me”, and when car headlights catch them, they reflect… “Now you really see me”.

Being safe has never been cool, and getting children to take it seriously is a losing battle. They don’t want to wear those hideous hi-vis vests that always seem too big for them, just as much as adults don’t. That’s why we came up with some cool designs that not only look good, but when printed onto hoodies, look a heck of a lot cooler than those horrible vests. We have now given children something that they love to wear, which gives parents the peace of mind that the clothing has a safety aspect as well.

Our designs and clothes are for the older kids, the more street cred kids, BMX riders and skateboarders, and we have designed a range of hoods called Street Zhoodz®. These offer a lot more colour ways, but not as bright as the Original Zhoodz®. Our designs are still reflective giving them the same visibility, but with some really cool effects when the lights catch the designs.

Our newest design range are Stealth Zhoodz and these launch in October 2014, so you’ll have to check back then to see what we have planned for them.

We have expanded our range of products to include beany hats, umbrellas, board shorts, cycle shorts, mugs and bags… as well as the Zundies which compliment our Photobomber t-shirts.

Photobombing has become a national craze this year and we have expanded upon this and created some really funny and mad t-shirts that will make people look twice. Imagine taking a photo of all your friends and someone photobombs with a hilarious message on their shirt, but on second look, his shirt is plain black. You look again at your camera where the flash hit his shirt and you see the message again, but you can’t see it on his t-shirt…..

We expect this to go viral, who wouldn’t want to go on holiday with their own ‘bomber’ where you can shock, entertain and surprise people who you photobomb?

Check out the video on our home page which demonstrates just how different and how cool Zhoodz® are.

All in all… Road safety has just got cool!